Post snana purnima Lord manifests in Alarnath temple

Bhubaneswar: The Alarnath temple at Brahmagiri in Puri district gets the maximum footfalls of devotees post Snana Purnima, as it is believed that during this time Lord Jagannath manifests here as Alarnath Dev to give blessings to his devotees.

After Snana Purnima in the month of Jyeshta, Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra and goddess Subhadra are kept away from public view — for a period of fifteen days and all the daily rites in the Sri Mandir are suspended. Instead of the deities, in Sri Mandir the pattachitras of Anant Vasudev, Bhubaniswari and Narayani are worshiped.  

 “After the ritual bath, the Lord is kept away from public view and the pattachityras are worshipped in their place,” said Muktinath Pratihari, servitor in Sri Mandir.

Popularly known as `Anasara` (improper time for worship) — devotees are not allowed for the darshan of the Lord in Jagannath Temple.

“Yesterday I saw Him in the garb of Gajanana, today I am completely disheartened not to see Him in ratna singhasana,” said a devotee.  

Due to ritualistic bathing using 108 vessels of water, the deities are believed to get fever. So the trinity takes rest in `Anasara Ghara` where the lord receives the secret seva of raj vaidyas and daitapatis.

Meanwhile, thousands of devotees visit the temple to have a darshan of Lord Jagannath as Alarnath Dev (Lord Vishnu with four arms and chakra in his hand).