Police arrest all 10 accused in Rs40 lakh loot case

Raygada: The Raygada police on Monday arrested all 10 accused in the alleged robbery of Rs 40 lakh from the employees of M.R. Constructions. According to police it has also recovered the total loot money from possession of the miscreants.

On the fateful day of August 16, a group of 15 armed assailants attacked a Scorpio vehicle near Kaliapada ghat in which employees of M.R. Constructions were on their way from Raygada to Doraguda. The miscreants beat the employees, snatched the money and fled the spot after injuring three of them.

The employees later filed a case in Tikiri police station following which the police started investigation.

The company is involved in a contract work in the under construction Utkal Alumina site near Doraguda.