PM wife Gursharan Kaur visits her samdhan house

Bhubaneswar: It was the end of an anxious wait for Ratnamala Patnaik, the mother-in-law of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh`s second daughter Daman Singh, when she met her `Samdhan` here today. While the Prime Minister was busy at the Indian Science Congress (ISC), his wife Gursharan Kaur visited her samdhan`s house and spent about 90 minutes with Ratnamala and her family members.

"Feeling very good. I cannot express my feelings in words," Kaur told reporters while leaving the place of her Samdhan (relative by marriage) after having breakfast.

Clad in a red-bordered white saree, Kaur even alighted from the vehicle, though it was about to take her to the airport, and posed for photos along with Ratnamala`s family. "I am extremely happy to see my Samdhan," said Ratnamala, who had painted her house at Kharavel Nagar in the city, located just behind the Sri Ram Mandir.

The prime minister`s wife had `parantha` and curd for breakfast, while Ratnamala had purchased a silk saree to present to her Samdhan, family sources said. Singh could not visit them due to his tight schedule.

Stating that the PM couple was in regular touch with her and the family, Ratnamala had on Monday said she used to meet the PM when at Delhi. Ratnamala`s son Ashok Patnaik, an IPS officer, was married to Daman Singh in 1991 and the couple had been staying in Delhi.

The Prime Minister couple arrived here Monday night and spent the night at Raj Bhavan.
During Singh`s earlier visit to Odisha in 2009, Ratnamala Patnaik had met the PM at Raj Bhavan. She had carried `kheer`(Sweet made of rice and milk) for Singh who was said to be fond of it.

Asked whether her daughter-in-law also visits her `sasural` (in-laws` place) Ratnamala replied "she regularly comes here. But it is becoming difficult now due to security reason after Dr Singh became the Prime Minister."