Pay your dues, so what if without power

Kamakhyanagar: Several villages in Kankadahada block face a peculiar problem. While residents of some villages receive electricity bills without power connections, in some others villages the residents receive electricity bills though the transformers have been lying defunct for months together.

Visit village Sole under Kankadahada block. There is no electricity connection to several houses and hence there is no question of light. They remain in darkness. But what bothers the villagers is the regular bills from the electricity department. The bills bear the names of the consuers, their addresses and the amounts to be deposited very clearly. Strange you will say. Then visit another villlage under the same block.

From Sole move on to village Ghagaramunda. Electric poles were planted in the village with the assistance of the villagers under the NREGS. But the transformer went out of order two months back. Regular complaints by the villagers have gone unheeded and the village lives in darkness. Yet, the electricity department does not hesitate to serve electyricity bills without failure.

Our camera team made several attempts to contact the concerned official at parjang. But it yeilded no results since most of the time the office remained under lock and key. The sub-collector of Kamakhyanagar, Biranchi Narayan Mohanty, however, has assured that he would conduct an official probe to find out how electric bills were served without power supply to the villagers. Be that as it may, these villages depict the correct picture regarding the implementation of the Rajiv Gandhi electrification program under which the government has assured the BPL families to provide electricity.