Patients suffer as blood bank employees’ cease-work stir enters fifth day

Berhampur: While patients continue to suffer due to poor medical facilities in the State, a cease-work stir by blood bank employees have added to their woes.

The employees of Berhampur Blood Bank left for Bhubaneswar today to participate in the cease-work stir severely affecting services across the entire district.

On the other hand, blood bank located in Bhubaneswar BMC hospital has also been affected by the stir.
Before the employees joined the strike, 250 units of blood were in stock at the bank. Now the bank is a facing a shortage of 125 units of blood, sources said.

Around 15 Thalassemia patients were supplied blood before the cease-work strike. Now, only 5 such patients are getting supply, informed sources.

Ramaniranjan Gadanayak, general secretary, Blood bank non-permanent employees association said “Our stir has entered the fifth day today. However, the administration or the government has not come forward to discuss our issues. So, we have decided to continue the stir for an indefinite period now.”