Partial solar eclipse tomorrow; no rituals in temples from this evening

Puri: As Odisha will witness partial solar eclipse on Wednesday there will be no ritual in all temples in the state from Tuesday evening.

Taking about the ritual schedule in Shri Jagannath temple here, the Temple administrator (Niti) Pradip Kumar Das said as per tradition, there would be no rituals in the temple 12 hours before start of the eclipse.

“As per the rules in the almanac, rituals have to be stopped 12 hours before the next day’s sunrise. The timing of the sunrise on solar eclipse day on Wednesday is 5.59 AM. Taking the timing of the sunrise into account, we would stop the rituals in the temple at 5.59 PM today after performing Sandhya Dhupa, Sandhya Alati and Tadapa Lagi. The rituals would begin as usual at 5.20 AM after the eclipse with the Maha Snana of the deities,” he added.

Das further said that since there would be no rituals in the temple in the evening on Tuesday, the temple will remain open and devotees will be allowed to have darshan of the deities all night as there will be no Pahuda (sleeping hours) of the Lords.

Talking to OTV, chief enumerator (Ganaka) of Samanta Chandra Panjika (Odia almanac) Jyotirbid Baikunthanath Nayak said the earth will witness solar eclipse on Wednesday which will begin at 4.49 AM and end at 10.05 AM.

“In Puri, the partial solar eclipse will begin at 5.20 AM and end at 6:20: 50 AM. The timing will be almost same at all places in Odisha. People are advised not to take cooked food between 5.59 PM today and 6:20:50 AM tomorrow. However, there is no restriction for the old, patients, boys and girls,” Nayak said.

He also said it is harmful for persons born in the zodiac of Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Aquarius and Pieces to see the solar eclipse.

“However, persons born under the zodiac signs of Aries, Virgo, Libra, Scorpion, Sagittarius and Capricorn can see the solar eclipse,” he pointed out.

Considering the massive turnout of the devotees this evening till next morning, the ongoing repair work of Jagmohan in Sri Jagannath temple would be stopped for two days on March 8 and 9, sources in the temple administration said.