Paper mill wastewater affects 40 acres of agri land

Bhubaneswar/Koraput: After the farmers of Sambalpur, now it seems the turn of the farmers of Koraput as wastewater from Bilt paper mill inundated agricultural fields of nearby Sialimal, Raniguda, Purunapani areas on Sunday. Farmers of the regions claimed that the spill has affected about 40 acres of farming lands, raising a question on the season’s paddy production.

According to the locals, layers of blackish stuff are found in the fields after the wastewater spilled into the fields following heavy downpour in the region. Since it is the peak time for agricultural activities, farmers are scared about the yielding.

The problem, for which the nearby villagers have been fighting against the plant authorities for past 20 years, has fallen into deaf ears.

In a similar case, ash pond of Hindalco Industries in Sambalpur developed breaches in three separate occasions last month affecting at least 40-50 acres of agricultural land, farmers claimed.