PAC meeting postponed

Bhubaneswar: The Assembly Public Accounts Committee (PAC) meeting scheduled for today has been postponed after the BJD members, who are preparing to leave for Delhi today for June 12 ‘Swabhiman Samabesh’, sought time requesting the chairman to defer the meeting date for another day.

Ruling party member Sanjay Dasbarma said, “The meeting has been postponed for three/ four days for some reasons. All discussion will be held after Rajo festival as per committee agenda”.

PAC sub-committee chairman Prasad Harichandan, however, held responsible the BJD members for the postponement. He said that being scared over their alleged involvement in chit fund scam, the ruling party members have tried to escape.

“The PAC members would have visited the office of the society of registrar regarding the chit fund issues today at 11 am. But the BJD members requested the committee chairman to postpone it citing rally in Delhi. The chit fund scam could be exposed today”, Prasad said.

Notably, the PAC committee had failed to transact in its earlier meeting after the BJD members staged a walk out alleging that all decisions are being taken without the consultation of ruling party members.