Outbreak of chickungunya feared in Ganjam

Berhampur: Chickungunya is feared to have resurfaced in Ganjam district with several people in Boxipalli village showing symptoms of the mosquito-borne viral disease. "A team of doctors led by the district malaria officer along with the para-medical staff have gone to the affected village on Saturday to provide treatment and collect blood samples to confirm the disease," Chief District Medical Officer (CDMO) S K Patnaik said.

Outbreak of the disease in Boxipalli, with predominantly fishermen population, was reported two days ago. "The number of affected persons increased to a dozen while two more people reported to suffer from fever on Saturday," Patnaik said. Medical officers had detected at least nine Chikungunya cases in Golabandh, another fishermen dominated village, adjoining Boxipalli last month, he said.

Besides providing treatment and collecting blood samples from affected people in Boxipalli, the health team would create awareness to destroy the stagnant water sources and to dry the water-logging spots in the village, Patnaik said.