Yajna for felling Subhadra ‘daru’ today

Jagatsinghpur: The maha yajna for the felling of the ‘daru’ or the neem tree identified for creation of new idol of Goddess Subhadra will begin today. All preparations are now complete at Adhanga, Jagatsinghpur – the location of ‘daru’ of goddess Subhadra.

According to sources, all the preliminary rituals have been conducted and the mahayajna will continue till tomorrow. The yajna will conclude with the purnaahuti. The purnaahuti of the mahayajna will be conducted towmorrow after which the identified ‘daru’ or the neem tree will be brought to ground.

Meanwhile, the ‘daru’ of lord Balabhadra is continuing its journey towards Puri. Thousands of devotees are gathering on the streets to have a glimpse of the ‘daru’ on its way to Puri. The roads on the travel path of the Daru were also seen decorated with rangolis and flowers as a mark of worship to lord Balabhadra.