Understanding the universe a learning experience for science lovers

Bhubaneswar: Good news for the science lovers who spend sleepless nights gazing at the sky and thinking about the origin of universe. A mobile exhibition has been inaugurated in Regional Centre of Science here which will ignite the quest to learn even more about the universe.

The exhibition, named as ‘understanding the universe’ was inaugurated by Institute of Physics director Sudhakar Panda. He praised the initiative as the exhibition answers many complex theories and ideas in a simple way so that a layman can understand it.

The two-month long exhibition allows the science lovers to experience a journey through the universe with the help of an interactive digital presentation. Replica models used in the experiment during recreation of Big Bang in European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) are being displayed in this exhibition. The fundamentals of our universe, questions related to mechanism of mass particles, relation between Big bang and Higgs Boson and the journey of Higgs Boson to its nickname ‘God Particle’ are being answered simply in this exhibition.

Project coordinator Archana Khosla said, “We have displayed miniature replica models of Large Hadron Colliders to make the visitors visualize the experiment.”

Khosla informed that the set up displayed in the gallery are mobile exhibits. Remembering the labour to install the set up before the exhibition Khosla said, “We have put a lot labour to install the set up within 4 days. I hope the students find it interesting and informative.”

Students from different schools were present on this occasion as summer vacation has already started. Auroshree Pani, a class VIII student of Sai International School said, “The exhibition is very interesting. The creation of universe is very interesting itself. The display of such theories is very attractive too.”

Another student of St. Xavier’s International School Sumant Panigrahi stated, “I come here during my vacation. I can see all the things related to our galaxy though these displays in front of my eyes which I have only seen on internet.”