Two injured in boar attack in Kendrapara

Kendrapara: In the latest outbreak of man-animal conflict, two persons were injured when a male wild boar pounced on them near a crop field in Iswarpur village close to the Bhitarkanka national park in Odisha’s Kendrapara district.

Rabindra Behera (45) and Malay Behera (24) were tilling farmland for vegetable cultivation when the animal suddenly attacked them yesterday. Both the injured were undergoing treatment in nearby government-run hospital where they were stated to be out of danger, officials said.

The forest department is bearing the cost of their treatment. Besides, they would be disbursed compensatory allowance in accordance with rules framed for animal attack cases, added officials.

There are reports of wild boar species straying into crop fields and causing damage. Forest department has intensified night vigil to ward off the straying animals, said Forest Range Officer, Akshaya Kumar Nayak.

There are reports of herbivores ravaging the crop fields in park-side villages. The forest department has taken initiative to protect both the humans and wildlife. Galvanised steel fencing has been erected at strategic spots to stop intrusion of animals, he said.

The local people have been trained and provided with contractual assignment to keep night vigil in villages to drive away straying wild boars. Besides the department has constituted night-vigil squads who are maintaining watch in forest-side villages. By bursting fire crackers and beating drums, they have been trying to keep the wild boar at bay.

Besides villagers have been advised to avoid movement during night and early morning hours when animals mostly make their way to crop fields in village areas.