Train on new line: Passengers elated to witness historic moment

Bhubaneswar: “It was like a dream came true”. This was a common statement from almost every passenger who boarded the first train from Begunia to Khurda yesterday when asked about the ride.

“Of course, we are feeling like flying in air. We had never thought that the project would be materialised in our life time looking at the pace of the project. As it was sanctioned some 20 years back and there was absolute no construction work for almost six years we thought the project would meet a dead end,” Somnath Khuntia, a resident of Begunia said.

For, Radharani Patra, the experience was tremendous as she never got a chance to experience train journey in her life time. And now that her place connected with Khurda, she will be able to make trips to the town without any obstacles like transportation issues.

“I can’t express my happiness in words. It has solved a lot of issues connected to my family earnings,” said she.

Patra was not the single lady to taste the first train ride, many others also experienced this on Thursday when the first 32-km stretch of the 289-km Khurda-Bolangir line was opened till Begunia by union railway minister Suresh Prabhu.