Titlagarh CDPO arrested while taking bribe

Bolangir: In yet another bribery case, the CDPO of Titlagarh Sabita Dora was today arrested by the Vigilance sleuths on allegation of demanding Rs 70,000 bribe from Padmini Ghivela for sanctioning the bill of towards supply of Chatua for the month of May and June 2015.

According to sources, at about 11.30 am as per the directions of accused Dora, Ghivela handed over the bribe money of Rs 70,000 Nirupama Saraf at P.W.D. Chowk, Titilagarh who received the same in her right hand and kept in her vanity bag. Thereafter, she went to the house of Dora in a Bolero vehicle being followed by the raiding party members.

In front of the house of Dora, Anganwadi Worker Saraf got down from the vehicle, entered the house of Dora and handed over the bribe money to accused.

Following the incident, the raiding party members entered the house of the Dora and nabbed her with the money.

Meanwhile, Vigilance sleuths arrested Sabita Dora and Nirupama Saraf, Anganwadi and forwarded to the court.