Three students on picnic drown in Rushikulya river

Chhatrapur: In a tragic incident, three students on a picnic met a watery grave in Rushikulya river near Taratarini temple in Ganjam district on Wednesday morning.

The deceased, identified as Pankaj Sahu, Sandip Maharana and Saswat Behera, all of them aged about 13-14, were students of Sunshine Mission School in Bhadrak. All of them are the natives of Bhadrak town.

Reports said a group of students from Sunshine Mission School in Bhadrak, accompanied by two tuition masters and a cook, had arrived near Taratarini Peeth in the morning for a picnic. After reaching the site, some of the students had gone out for a bath in Rushikulya river when three students slipped into deep waters and drowned.

Some of the locals present on the bank of the river jumped into the river to rescue them, but in vain.

Following information, a fire brigade team from Chhatrapur rushed to the spot and fished out the three bodies after an hour-long search.

The three bodies were later taken to the Community Health Centre at Purushottampur.

While family members of the deceased have been informed about the incident, the mother of Pankaj Sahu, one of the deceased students, arrived at Purushottampur CHC by bus from Bhadrak.

Report said the mother, after seeing her son, became unconscious and is under treatment at the CHC.

People from nearby areas have rushed to the CHC in large numbers following the incident.

The principal of the Sunshine Mission School, who was present at the CHC, said he had no knowledge that these students had gone for a picnic.

“The school did not arrange the picnic. The students had gone on their own with two teachers of the school who gave them tuition. We will inquire into the incident after the arrival of the remaining boys and their teachers in Bhadrak,” he said.