Talk on renewable energy resources held

Bhubaneswar: A roundtable discussion on ‘Renewable Energy as Suitable Alternative: Prospects and Challenges’ was organized here yesterday.

Speaking on the occasion, Oxfam regional manager Akshay Kumar Biswal said, “India is a place of natural resources and it has great potential to accelerate the use of renewable resources to empower its growing economy. In order to continue the growth India needs to address the energy challenges and renewable energy is the answer.”

Stressing on the growing demand of energy as the population is also growing very fast, Biswal said in order to provide adequate electricity to people, India needs raise its energy generation capacity to more than double.

Punjab-based Sardar Swaran Singh National Institute of Renewable Energy director Yogendra Kumar Yadav, former minister and Odisha Electricity Consumers’ Society president Panchanan Kanungo were present during the discussion.

Yadav said, “We cannot survive for long relying on the stock of the coal or natural gas we have.” He said if India has to become a world leader, it has to explore the sources of energy like solar and wind. He also emphasized that the government should also come forward in this regard.

Members from various organizations which work in the field of renewable energy at community-level and representatives of civil society also attended the programme.