Sudarshan ‘daru’ leaves Pipili for Puri

Bhubaneswar: The ‘daru’ or holy wood meant for making of the idol of Lord Sudarshan today resumed its journey towards Puri after a night’s rest at Bata Mahabir temple in Pipili.

Yesterday, the wood was taken by a ‘sagadi’ or specially made cart to Puri from Gadakuntunia village, a village on the outskirts of Bhubaneswar. Thousands of devotees gathered at the site to have a glimpse of the neem tree and Daitapatis were seen performing rituals before carrying the daru in the sagadi.

People of Gadakuntunia gathered in large numbers to bid adieu to the holy tree after a week-long ritual. Meanwhile, the ‘agyanmala’ from the location of Lord Sudarshandaru has been taken to Sarala shrine atKanakpurin Jagatsinghpur district, where the daru of Lord Balabhadra has been identified.

The BanajagaYatra team will conduct ‘ankuraropana’ and will give a holy bath to the neem tree with 108 pots of water to the daru of Lord Balabhadra. As per tradition, ‘suryapuja’ and ‘barunapuja’ will also be conducted ahead of tomorrow’syajna.

The yajna will continue till Friday when ‘purnahuti’ will mark its conclusion. Then the felling of the neem tree, chosen to be the daru of lord Balabhadra, will commence.

Meanwhile, after Gadakuntunia, the shrine at Jhankada Sarala has turned into a major pilgrim centre with flow of devotees constantly rising to get a glimpse of the holy tree.