Srimandir maintenance: ‘Ratna Shinghasan’ of Deities likely to be shifted

Puri/ Bhubaneswar: The deities of puri temple might have to shifted from their ‘Ratna Singhasan’ as the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has said that with cracks emerging in the ‘Sanctum Sanctorum’ pillar due to weakened stones of the ‘Jagmohan’ of the main temple. According to sources, a decision in this regard will soon be taken after discussions with the Srimandir administration.

As per sources, one of four pillars of has weakened due to which cracks have emerged at the top. Currently, as a security measure, the pillar has been reinforced with temporary support. Similarly, few stones of the Jagmohan have deteriorated and all these require immediate repair, added ASI sources. Moreover, in order to understand the Jagmohan the plaster coating has to be removed from the walls.

Keeping in mind the location of the Sanctum Sanctorum and the Jagmohan, the expert committee has recommended removal of the ‘Ratna Singhasan.’ “The Ratna Singhasan has to be definitely removed in order to undertake the repair and maintenance work,” said Ashok Kumar Patel, the superintending Archaeologist, Odisha.
Meanwhile, the chief temple administrator has said that discussions will be held with all the servitor bodies who are involved in the rituals of the deities. Subsequently a call will be taken on the same.