Singing their way to votes in Cuttack

Cuttack: There’s a song on the lips of every political party here with audio studios on an overdrive to record election jingles for candidates of next month’s civic body elections.

More than a dozen studios here are vying to bag as many orders as an estimated Rs 1 crore would be spent by the candidates and political parties to record election songs.

Songs and music are integral parts of political campaigning ever since the elections are held in India and Odisha was not left out of it, says music director Swarup Naik adding that in fact, poems and songs were also used by freedom fighters to arouse the masses during the freedom struggle in pre-Independence era.

Not that most of the tunes are lilting melodies, Naik rues.

The present day candidates are using music in their campaign as cacophony to outdo the rivals. There is no message, no sweetness in the music and songs of election now-a-days, which are nothing but a clamour of noise, the eminent music director laments saying the voters now get irritated over such disharmony.

Notwithstanding the voters denunciation, candidates of CMC polls are lining up in front of audio studios, even till late night to get their stuff. Seeing the mad rush, composers are now taking the help of computers and waiting with ready-made music tracks of popular Bollywood or Ollywood numbers in pen drives.