Security beefed up at Secretariat

Bhubaneswar: Post the rampage incident, the Commissionerate Police has tightened the security arrangements at the Secretariat here, the bureaucratic nerve centre of the State. Thorough scanning is now conducted on each and every entrant into the Secretariat premises.

Security personnel were seen checking the temporary passes with barcode detector at gate no-4 of the Secretariat. Besides, temporary pass holders and their bags are seen undergoing thorough check. Similar scenes were seen at gate no-2, 5 and 1 though only staff are allowed to enter through these entrances.

Police commissioner R.P. Sharma said metal detectors and baggage scanner will be installed at the gate no-4 in near future. Moreover, CCTV cameras will keep an eye on the visitors at gate no-4 and 6.

He further stated that at some entrances, double gate system will be installed to enhance the security measures. Apart from the metal detectors, hand-held ones will also be provided to the security personnel there.

On July 4, a youth managed to gain entry into the Secretariat carrying a knife and terrorised an official in the Urban Development department. However, he was overpowered by the staff and handed over to the police.