Rituals rescheduled to complete Jagmohan repair before Snana Purnima

Puri: With the repair work of Jagmohan of Shri Jagannath temple by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) scheduled to begin from January 27 and to be completed before Snana Purnima, the Shri Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA) has asked the servitors to reschedule the rituals of the Lords to ensure the completion of repair work in time.

In a letter, SJTA has asked the Daitapati Nijog and Garabadu Nijog to begin the rituals of the Lords at 2 AM (Dwaraphita) and complete other rituals like Bhitarashodha, Mangala Alati, Sakala Dhupa, Bhoga Mandapa, Madhyanna Dhupa, Dwitiya Bhoga Mandapa and Dakhinaghara Bhoga by 11 AM after which the ASI would begin the repair work.

“The Temple Administration has asked us to oversee the repair work of Jagmohan by the ASI authorities and have another round of talks with them in June about the progress in the work. Whatever may be the status of the work, the ASI authorities have to withdraw the scaffolding by June so that we would be able to perform rituals for Snana Yatra and Anasara and other secret rituals of the Lords,” Binayak Dasmohapatra, assistant secretary, Daitapati Nijog, told OTV.

The temple administration has also announced it will reward the Palia and Adhika Palia servitors with double the amount if they perform the rituals as per the schedule. However, they would be deprived of the reward and subject to disciplinary action if they fail in performing the rituals in time.

The decision on Jagmohan repair has been welcomed by the Garabadu Nijog.

“We will sincerely cooperate with the ASI in repair work of Jagmohan of Lord Jagannath. Keeping the timing of the repair work in mind, we have rescheduled the timing of Madhyanna Dhupa (Kotha Bhoga) of the Lords between 9 AM and 10 AM while the second Bhoga Mandap will be completed between 9.30 AM and 11 AM to enable the devotees to get the Mahaprasad,” Rajat Kumar Pratihari, secretary, Garabadu Nijog told the media.

Talking about the repair work of Jagmohan, Dr Narayan Chandra Pal, member, Technical Committee, said the primary focus would be on stabilising the two capital stones on the north-west side of the Jagmohan through pinning, anchoring, grouting, and carbon wrapping.

He said the ASI has formed five teams for the repair work.

“Though it will be tough for us to complete the repair work within such a short time, we will try our best to complete all critical repair work before the Snana Purnima,” he added.