Revenue or GA dept should take charge of Srimandir: Puri royal

Puri: The administration of Jagannath temple should be brought under the control of either the Revenue or General Administration department for better management, Gajapati Maharaja Divyasingh Deb said in an exclusive interview to OTV.

“The officers, who are taking charge of the temple administration, are either from the Revenue department or General Administration department. If any of these two departments will take charge of the administration of Srimandir, I think the affairs of the shrine can be managed in a better way,” he opined.

He further stated, “Like other temples and mutts, Srimandir was earlier under the Endowment department. But after implementation of a new law in 1960, there is no justification to put the temple under the Endowment or Law department.”

He appealed to the State government and the servitors of the temple to hold a meeting after ‘Niladri Bije’ to ensure smooth functioning of the temple affairs. “If everyone will try for it keeping their self-interests away, I think, finding a way out will not be a difficult task,” he added.