Paradip Refinery commissions Kerosene, LPG Treater units

Paradip: Paradip Refinery successfully commissioned the 1.2 MMTPA, Kerosene Treater Unit (KTU) on October 28. The process unit is designed to treat straight run Kerosene and produce Aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF) by removing H2S, Naphthenic Acid & Mercaptans. Other residual impurities are also removed in order to meet the stringent ATF quality standards.

Earlier, on October 19, the Paradip Refinery team successfully commissioned the LPG Treater Unit (LPGTU). The unit has a capacity of 1.85 MMTPA and it will be used to remove H2S, reduce Mercaptans & total Sulphur from the feed LPG received from INDMAX(FCC) & Delayed Coker Units. The treated LPG shall form the feedstock for downstream Propylene Recovery Unit wherein C3 and C4 components will be separated from LPG.