Odisha paintings nominated to be displayed at Japan 2020 Olympics

Puri: In a major feat, paintings from Odisha will be displayed at the Japan 2020 Olympic games. Chandrasekhar Academy School of Puri which also teaches Japanese language has been selected from India to display the artistic creations on canvas by its students at the Olympics.

For the first time the games will feature paintings from various countries. India, including US, Brazil, China, Russia, Portugal, Japan, Germany , Pakistan, Srilanka and Bangladesh will display their paintings at the games.

The paintings created by the students of the school represent the culture and tradition of India as well as Odisha. Paintings of the father of the Nation Gadhiji along with his three monkeys, Nabakalebar festival, Puri Rath Yatra, Lord Ganesha and flags of all the participating nations in the 2020 Olympic games on a single 5-metre-long and 5-metre-wide canvas have been prepared by the students of the school.

The external affairs ministry will keep these paintings at a museum at Hiroshima in Japan. These paintings will be displayed at the games and will later be available on Google, informed chairman of the Indo-Japan Friendship Centre Srimant Das.