Odia album ‘Akankshya’ lends voice to ‘Save the Girl Child’ campaign

‘Life begins with her…’

The four words sum up how important it is to protect the girl child and save her from all forms of exploitation. With lyrics that expound this theme, Odia album ‘Akankshya’ seeks to spread the message of saving the girl child and creating an environment to allow her to live a life of dignity.

If you are a follower of Odia music, Akankshya’s title song, will come as a welcome break from the monotony of an overdose of Sambalpuri-laced Odia album songs that you have become used to. With its lyrics talking of change and visuals juxtaposing misery and hope, the song emerges as a clarion call for this worthy cause. Innovative it certainly is, in terms of both its message and in its treatment. Shot in foreign locations across South Africa and Dubai, the album comes out as a breath of fresh air amid the run-of-the-mill stuff crowding the album scene.

Produced by Dubai-based KK Patnaik Productions, the album never strays from the message that it sets out to spread. With music direction by debutant Manas Pritam, lyrics by Bapu Goswami and voice lent by Akankshya Patnaik (also Pritam); the album maintains the tempo and strikes the right note throughout.

“I thought, I will compose something and sing it my own and will also support artists who are interested. Through this title song, we are trying to spread a message – ‘Save the girl child,” said Music Director Manas Pritam.

“Messages like these have acquired an urgency for the society as a lot of people fail to understand the seriousness of the problem. Problems like these need a voice, and I felt that if my voice can be used for such a cause, it will bring a lot of good for the society,” said singer Akankshya Patnaik.