Harness solar power, save energy, Modi tells NISER students

Bhubaneswar: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today called upon young scientists to work for the preservation of solar power and to find new, innovative ways to save energy.

“Odisha is the land of sun as the sun temple is here. A major challenge ahead of us is to harness solar power. Can’ we make the best use of sunlight here to preserve solar power?” Modi asked while addressing budding scientists during the inauguration ceremony of the National Institute of Science Education and Research (NISER) here.

“This campus should think about solar technology, zero discharge,” he added.

Emphasising the need to save energy, the prime minister gave the example of invention of LED bulbs. “If LED bulbs are used as street light in at least 100 (smart) cities, we can save around 2000 MW energy. A small technological advance could save crores of rupees. Cann’t we make the use of such bulbs even in houses to save energy in great extent?” he asked.

The Prime Minister also lauded scientists and professors for innovating newer ways of doing things.

“Our scientists and professors are always thinking about doing something or the other that is new. They are always researching and innovating. India’s space mission has made a mark across the world. The moment innovation stops, systems lose their life. Innovation is the need of the hour, for every society and every era,” he said.

“Innovation is a need of every society and every generation. But the ill-effect of science should not fall on life and environment,” he pointed out.

Appealing for a green campus, the Prime Minister asked- “Cannot we make the campus a most greenest in two years”.

He advised the students of NISER to organise seminars/ science fairs where science teachers of schools from villages would attend and could be updated.

NISER students should also visit science fairs at schools to encourage students. “It is important to develop scientific temper among our school students. This institute can play a major role in this.”