Maoists targeting surrendered cadres

Bhubaneswar: Once friends, now foes. Cadres who have surrendered before police and have joined the mainstream are on the target of Maoists. In the past four days, Maoists have killed 3 people.

Strikingly, all the 3 persons are among many who shunned the Maoists camp and surrendered before police to lead a normal life.
In the past two months, more than one thousand Mao sympathizers have surrendered and according to police sources, Maoists are targeting such people only to spread terror among others.

In the past four days, Maoists kidnapped four people from Kannaguda and Mundaguda area of Malkangiri. Though one of them managed to escape, the other three were killed by Maoists. Notably, the three persons killed by Maoists were once with the red rebels and had surrendered before police in 2013. In a note left near the dead bodies, the red rebels clearly stating that they have been murdered in protest of their surrender.

Experts are of the opinion that if proper rehabilitation and security is not ensured for the surrendered cadres, then they will be forced to rejoin the Maoist camp.

Meanwhile, Malkangiri SP Mitrabhanu Mohapatra said “Maoists are killing civilians out of frustration. However, Police administration is taking adequate measures to ensure safety of these people.”