Mahayajna for Jagannath ‘daru’ from tomorrow

Bhubaneswar: Stage is all set to start ‘mahayajna’ from tomorrow for cutting of ‘daru’ or holy tree identified for Lord Jagannath at Kharipadia near Raghunathpur in Jagatsinghpur district.

After conducting ‘ankuraropan’ ritual and ‘bhumi sodhan’ (soil purification), the priests would wrap new cloths to the daru before conducting holy bath to the tree with 108 pots of water and ghee. After ‘purnahuti’, chopping of the tree will begin. Meanwhile, thousands of devotees visited the spot to have a glimpse of the holy wood braving the scorching heat.

On the other hand, the cart carrying daru of Goddess Subhadra is proceeding towards Puri by making brief halt. Devotees on both side of road are welcoming the cart with spiritual fervor chanting hymns. They spread flowers, new cloths on the road on which the cart is being pulled. The holy log will reach Puri in two or three days and it will be taken to Koili Baikuntha, sources said.

Meanwhile, members of Kui Development Association, an outfit fighting for the cause of Kui tribe, have blocked 61 pieces of wood meant for making chariots, being transported from Dasapalla forest division in Nayagarh district.

They alleged that district administration failed to fulfill its promise towards the plight of Kui society. Earlier, they had also resorted to blockade of the rath wood demanding redressal of their grievances. The district administration had assured them of a speed solution to their problems.

However, Nayagarh divisional forest officer (DFO) said the district administration will discuss with them. If they do not agree, the wood for the grand event will be arranged from elsewhere.