Large number of devotees throng Sun temple on Samba Dashami

Bhubaneswar: Large number of devotees thronged the Sun temple of Konark, in Puri district on Tuesday morning to offer prayers to Sun on the occasion of Samba Dashami.

According to reports, hundreds of people were seen gathering at Chandrabhaga beach, situated three km east of the Sun temple and started praying once the Sun sets.

“We have been offering prayers to Sun for the good of our children and prepared Manda Pitha, Kakara Pitha, Arisha Pitha,” said Saraswati Patra, a devotee.

Besides, a Rath Yatra was also held and devotees pulled the chariot from Ananta Abadhuta Mutt to Chandrabhaga, reports added.

As per the culture, Samba, son of Lord Krishna, was afflicted by leprosy and was cured by the Sun God Surya after 12 years of penance near Konark. On this day, mothers pray to Surya for the health of their children.

On the day of Samba Dashami, the women in the family wake before sunrise. After bathing they prepare dishes such as Khichdi, Oriya Puli, and Ghadghadia Tarkari (a curry), and offer them to the Sun God at sunrise. Each prepared food item is offered in the name of each family member.

Once the food items have been offered to the Surya, the women prepare a set of cake-like dishes called Pitha, which include Manda Pitha, Kakara Pitha, Arisha Pitha, BiriLaddoo, Makar Chaula,Chhenaguda, Dhanu Muaan, Khiri, Rasagola, Jhilli, Chhenagaja, and Sweet Curd.