Large haul of movable, immovable assets by vigilance

Berhampur: More than one multi-storied buildings, motorbikes, over Rs one lakh bank balances and over Rs 1.50 lakh hard cash were detected as possessions of three peons working as daily labourers at the Odisha Motor Vehicle Check gates at Girisola and Balaramapur on Odisha-Andhra Pradesh border today, official sources said.

The vigilance sleuths raided at least ten places, vigilance sources said.

While the total movable and immovable properties worth Rs 96.20 lakh was detected so far from Durgasi Narayan, a DLR peon in Chikiti-Balarampur OMVD check-gate, properties worth around Rs 73 lakh were detected so far from E.Dilli Rao, who is also working in same gate in same post.

Similarly Rs 60 lakh properties were detected so far from Nilapu Patelu, another DLR peon in Girisola check-gate, the sources said.

The search operations were continuing till this evening. “We expect more properties would be found in posession of each of the peons”, said vigilance SP(Berhampur) Manoranjan Panda.