Land mafias into illegal conversion of paddy fields in Berhampur

Berhampur: Acres of agricultural land in Ambagada Mouza of Kukudakhandi block in the silk city have been converted to non-agricultural purpose despite an existing government order against it.

It is evident from the ongoing rapid construction of concrete houses that have started to make their presence felt in the area.

In an order dated 11.10. 2006, the Revenue and Disaster Management Department of the State government had said…. “The proposed conversion does not obstruct natural water resources like nayanjories, or any drainage channel and irrigation channel.”

Besides, in the new plan, the Berhampur Development Authority (BDA) has also declared the areas under Ambagada Mouza and the surrounding areas as nayanjories restricting the conversion of such land.

Interestingly, after conversion of land, the mutations have also been done which legally clarifies the change of land type.

The allegations of local farmers have fallen into deaf ears.

“I have brought the matter to the notice of government officials but in vain,” said Ravindra Panda, a farmer who holds a piece of land in the area.

To utter astonishment, the realtors deny any such illegalities in the conversion of land from agricultural to non-agricultural purpose.

“We have done everything legally and the agreement records will favour my statement,” Tuna Mohanty, a realtor.

Meanwhile, when asked about the development, Kukudakhandi tehsildar Bhabani Shankar Mishra said, “We have already initiated steps against these people. Cases have also been registered against some people who have violated government rules.”