Kushakila double murder: Police takes prime accused on 3-day remand

Angul: Police today took Jhasaketan Sahu, prime accused in the murder of four persons of Kushakila and Kukurpeta villages, on a three-day remand for interrogation.

Police will try to get the details of the murder of two brothers—Jogeswar Sahu and Hiranakhya Sahu— of Kushakila village under Jarpada police station limits during the remand and take the prime accused to the place where he had buried them after pushing them into a pit.

Police will also conduct a thorough investigation into the double murder of Abala Gadnayak and her nephew Kumuda Sahu of Kukurpeta village under Chhendipada police station limits who were murdered and buried by Jhasaketan in May last year.

Jhasaketan, who was arrested on February 10, has already admitted that he had killed Jogeswar (35) and his brother Hiranakhya (34) on February 4 night and buried them. Jogeswar was the son of former sarpanch Rajkishore Sahu and Hiranakhya his cousin, police said.

The accused, during interrogation, had said revenge over monetary issues was the motive behind the murder of the two cousins.

Rajkishore had sold seven acres of land to Jhasaketan. Later, on scrutiny, it was found that about 2.9 acres of the sold land had already been gifted to an institute. Jhasaketan asked Rajkishore to arrange for 2.9 acres of land elsewhere or return the total amount of Rs 35 lakh. But neither Rajkishore nor his family responded to his demand.

On February 4 night, Jhasaketan called the two brothers to a site near the village on the pretext of discussing the issue. There he hit Jogeswar on the head with a shovel and threw him into the pit he had dug up earlier. When Hiranakhya came to the site, Jhasaketan killed him in a similar manner and threw him into the well.

Two days after his arrest, the prime accused told the police that he had murdered two more persons— Abala Gadnayak and her nephew Kumuda Sahu— of Kukurpeta village in a similar manner in 2015 and buried them a few meters away from the place where he had buried the bodies of Jogeswar and Hiranakhya.

Jhasaketan had borrowed around Rs 2 lakh from the aunt-nephew duo a few years ago. Asked to pay the money back along with interest, he flatly refused to pay. After an altercation with Kumuda, Jhasaketan planned to eliminate the duo to escape their constant badgering, police said.