Kalikesh for greener, sustainable energy for his constituency

New Delhi: With an aim to provide energy access to people with greener and sustainable alternatives, a Lok Sabha MP has planned a host of development activities in his constituency based on renewable energy.

Second-time Lok Sabha MP Kalikesh Narayan Singh Deo of Biju Janata Dal has supported a study to assess the potential of low carbon development and clean energy access in his constituency Bolangir in Odisha.

“The study is currently under progress and is likely to provide key inputs for future development plans of the constituency.

“This study is an integral part of his broader commitment to provide inclusive and sustainable development to the people by enhancing clean energy access at local level by implementing, replicating and disseminating information about renewable energy and other low carbon initiatives, at different levels,” a Climate Parliament statement said.

Climate Parliament is an international cross-party network of legislators, dedicated to preventing climate change and promoting renewable energy of which Deo is a member.