International Museum Day observed

Bhubaneswar: Director of National Council of Science Museums, Kolkata, Samarendra Kumar said that museums are not merely a gallery to exhibit arts, rather these are places that inherit the culture, reflect the flavor of local heritage and learning place which is very much essential for the development of society.

Addressing a programme on the occasion of International Museum Day at Odisha State Museum today Kumar said, “Museums are very much a part of our society. It is a great learning place from which everybody gets to know about our culture, tradition and many more things.”

Speaking on this year’s theme – ‘Museums for a Sustainable Society,’ Kumar explained that today’s generation is unaware many small things which bear the flavor of our culture and heritage including the main ethos of sustainable development. He explained that sustainable development means development of the society without tampering the natural resources and diminishing all the natural resources.

Kumar said, “Museum, being the integral part of the society in such development, should follow the green norms. The role of museums is vital in raising public awareness about the need for a society that is less wasteful, more cooperative and uses resources responsibly.”

Remembering his school days while attending the function, State culture minister Ashok Chandra Panda said, “I remember standing in a queue with other students when I had come to visit the museum first time. I believe that museums reflect the stages of life as well as essence of development.”

On the occasion State tourism and culture secretary Arvind Padhee announced a few developmental plans to be implemented in state museum. Padhee said, “We are planning to maintain comfortable environment in the gallery so that people do not feel exhausted in this scorching heat. We are also thinking to introduce mobile app which is specially developed to enlighten the visitors about the exhibits. The app will be developed working within the building.”