D-brothers had link with UP don Raja Bhaiya

Cuttack: The arrested Dhalasamant brothers had connections with Uttar Pradesh’s ‘Bahubali’ leader and don Raja Bhaiya alias Raghuraj Pratap Singh, said sources at the Commissionerate Police on Tuesday.

The sources added the D-borthers told the investigation team that they had obtained the seized carbine and guns from Raja Bhaiya.

The investigation will definitely look into for how long the D-brothers have been in touch with the UP don and what was the motive to bring the modern arms from outside the State, the sources added.

Police Commissioner YB Khurania told media persons, “It’s a very elaborate investigation and we will explore into all possible criminal and anti-social activities that he (Sushil) was involved into.”

Meanwhile, officials of the Income Tax department quizzed the arrested D-brothers, who are on a seven-day remand with the Commissionerate Police.

Sources said the I-T department officials tried to elicit information from the D-brothers regarding the source of the money that was seized from their house. The duo was quizzed by the I-T department officials at Chauliaganj police station in Cuttack in the presence of senior police officials.

Income Tax officer Priyadarshi Mishra, who was part of the team that quizzed the D-brothers, said, “We are taking care of money trail of Dhalasamants. For this, we are in coordination with the police department.”

Asked about the D-brothers bank accounts, Mishra said, “I cannot say about the accounts as the investigation is on.”

In a related development, the Commissionerate Police has located Sushant Dhalasamant’s house in Vizag where he had been staying for a long time in the assumed name of Manoj Patnaik.

Two bank accounts of Patnaik having Rs 7 lakh in them have also been seized in Vizag.

Source said Sushant had submitted the PAN card with his own photo but with Manoj Patnaik as his name.

The source added I-T department officials are probing to find out how many fake PAN cards the Dhalasamant brothers had and plan to verify the signatures on these cards.

There is no doubt that the Dhalasamant brothers possessed fake PAN cards to hide their benami properties, the source added.

Notably, Sushant was having two companies Metaphor Transport and a media group named TMT the combined turnover of which was Rs 15 lakh annually.

I-T department officials are curious to know the sources the D-brothers got so much money from. During a raid by the police, more than Rs 2.65 crore cash was seized from the CDA residence of the D-brothers in Cuttack.

The Twin City Police Commissioner added, “Once the links will be established between the assets of the D-brothers and criminal activities, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) will be informed about the case. We have a plan of action and it will modified once new information comes out from the interrogation.”

Meanwhile, Saroj Dhalasamant, father of the D-brothers, said his sons are victims of the political conspiracy. He further stated, “The social work of my two sons has backfired,” adding that his youngest son Sushil has good rapport with leaders of all political parties.