Animals slaughtered on Chhatar Yatra

Bhawanipatna: Despite awareness rallies by right activists and Kalahandi district administration, the famous Manikeswari temple witnessed bloodshed due to mass animals sacrifice on the occasion of famous Chhatar Yatra, which began on Wednesday.

Thousand of animals and birds were slaughtered on either side of the road near the temple during the procession of the Goddess.

Like every year, lakhs of devotees from various corners of the district throng Bhawanipatna to get glimpse of the ceremonial ‘chhatar’ (umbrella) of the deity.

Apart from local residents, thousands of devotees from neighboring districts also took part in the ritual and offered puja.
People from every section of life made beeline to get the glimpse of the ‘chhatar’ which was carried to Jenakhal, 3km from the temple in a grand procession.

Meanwhile, security arrangements have been beefed up from Jenakhal to Manikeshwari temple. 10 platoons for police forces have been deployed in the city to avoid any untoward incident.