ECR to run 19 pairs of special trains for Dusshera

Bhubaneswar: In an effort to clear additional rush of passengers during the festival of Dusshera, Railways have decided to run 19 pairs of weekly and bi-weekly special trains towards different destinations of the country from East Coast Railway (ECR) jurisdiction.

Railways said this will create more than 4 lakh additional berths.

The special trains included Bhubaneswar-Bangalore Cant-Bhubaneswar bi-weekly superfast Suvidha special, Bhubaneswar-Patna weekly special, Sambalpur-Yesvantpur weekly special, Puri-Santragachi weekly special and Howrah-Puri-Howrah weekly Tatkal special.

The other trains are Sealdah-Puri weekly special, Hatia-Puri-Hatia Garib Rath weekly special via Keonjhargarh and Jakhapura, Tata-Visakhapatnam-Tata weekly special via Keonjhargarh, Visakhapatnam-Secunderabad weekly special, Visakhapatnam-Tirupati weekly special and Visakhapatnam-Krishnarajpuram weekly special.

Also in the list are Secunderabad-Guwahati weekly special, Howrah-Ernakulam-Howrah super fast weekly Suvidha special, Howrah-Chennai-Howrah Weekly AC Suvidha special, Howrah-Yesvantpur-Howrah weekly superfast Suvidha special, Shalimar-Secunderabad-Shalimar weekly special, Kamakhya-Secunderabad-Kamakhya weekly Suvidha special, Santragachhi-Chennai Central-Santragachhi weekly express and Kochuveli-Guwahati-Kochuveli weekly express trains.