Diwali revellers appealed not to burst high noise-emitting crackers

Bhubaneswar: In order to ensure a noise and pollution free diwali, the State Pollution Control Board has appealed to the public to maintain the guidelines set by the government over use of firecrackers during the festival of light.

The board requested all the diwali revellers not to burst crackers emitting sound beyond 125 decibel between 10 pm and 6 am on November 11 night. It further appealed to the public to burst crackers ay safety and open places. Moreover, people are urged to follow the government norms that banned bursting of crackers at the silence zone like hospital area.

Notably, the Supreme Court recently reiterated its 2005 order that barred bursting of noise-emitting crackers between 10pm and 6 am. However, the apex court, while hearing a petition filed by three toddlers, had refused to put a blanket ban on the use of fireworks.