‘Demand for tech education has not fallen’

Bhubaneswar: Demand for technical education has not subsided. Instead, the number of seats in colleges across the country is more as compared to the requirement leading to vacant seats, said All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) chairman A.D. Sahasrabudhe here yesterday.

Sahasrabudhe, who is in Bhubaneswar to attend a national workshop organised by BPUT today, stated if any technical institution wants to shut down due to non-availability of students, AICTE would help it.

Speaking to OTV exclusively, Sahasrabudhe said, “The step needs to be taken to reduce the number of seats in engineering colleges as it is being larger than the demand. But, forcing any institute to reduce the number of seats on the side of AICTE is not right. In the colleges where 20-30% seats are filled and if they approach us to close the branches or institute, we will help them in the procedure.”

Further, he stated number of seats was unfortunately increased beyond the requirement. “Today, 8-9 lakhs of students are taking admission in the engineering courses,” the AICTE chief added.

“AICTE is keen to have an interaction with industry. In fact, CII and AICTE are jointly giving an award to institutes for excellent interaction with industry. Besides, we have asked colleges to provide skill-based education along with theoretical knowledge,” Sahasrabudhe added.

A portal will be launched on September 24 and by January next year, colleges and universities will be asked to fill up the data, he said.

On implementation of JEE Main test for admission into engineering courses, the AICTE chief said, “Single exam is good for students as well as parents as it would stop them from spending unnecessarily on filling up of application forms for different tests.”