One of D-brothers taken outside Odisha for murder probe

Cuttack: One of the arrested Dhalsamant brothers has been taken outside Odisha by the Commissionerate Police for further investigation into the murder of Dipu and Om, the Twin City Police Commissioner YB Khurania said on Thursday.

Khurania told media persons, “One of the two teams has gone outside the State with one of the accused while another one along with the forensic science team is investigating the scene of crime in the State. Details can be known after the return of the two teams.”

Source said the special team of the Commissionerate Police might have taken one of the D-brothers to Vizag for the investigation as Dipu Mallick’s driving licence and photo were recovered from there.

Meanwhile, source stated the police have got hold of vital information from Litua, a close aide of D-bothers, during his remand which will be helpful to get further lead the case.

Declining to give further details about the D-brothers arrest case, DGP KB Singh said, “Media will come to know about many things in near future.”

Notably, the police on Tuesday unravelled the mystery behind the disappearance of Dipu Mallick and Omm, the former aides of the Dhalsamanta brothers, saying that both were murdered due to some dispute with Dhalasamant brothers.

Khurania had said, “They (Dipu and Omm) were killed in Odisha and their bodies were disposed of outside the State.”

However, police are investigating whether the two brothers had themselves killed their aides or engaged contract killers for the same. Since 2000, both Dipu and Omm were working as tender fixers for their bosses. Sometimes they were also used as sharp shooters by the D-Brothers.