D-Brothers eliminated Dipu and Om, dumped bodies outside: CP

Bhubaneswar: Commissionerate police on Tuesday claimed to have solved the mysterious disappearance of Dipu Mallick and Om, the former aides of of the Dhalsamanta brothers.

Addressing a press meet, police commissioner YB Khurania said, “They (Dipu and Om) were killed in Odisha and their bodies were disposed outside the State.”

When asked whether the location of the crime was in or around Vizag, the place where the brother duo used to stay, the official said, “After two days, we will be in a position to give the details.”

“Let the investigation reach that level, then only we will be able to share the details,” Khurania quipped.

Police sources said it is still unclear whether they killed their aides or engaged contract killers to commit the crime. Since 2000, both Dipu and Om were working as tender fixers for their bosses. Sometimes they were also used as sharp shooters by the D-Brothers, added the sources.

Suspicion regarding the involvement of D-Brothers in the mysterious disappearance of Dipu and OM grew after the seizure of Dipu’s photograph and driving licence from the former’s Vizag residence earlier this week.

On January 18, a case was registered with Chauliaganj police station in Cuttack on the basis of the complaint filed by Adwaita Mallick, father of Dipu, following a direction from the Orissa High Court.

Investigating officials said the challenges before the police, however, will be to recover the dead body of Dipu and if possible, the murder weapon too.

Interestingly, though there were allegations of two murders, only Dipu’s father has lodged the FIR. Dipu was allegedly abducted and killed in November, 2013.

The Dhal Samanta brothers were arrested from a rented house near Pokhariput area in Bhubaneswar on January 28. They are currently in police custody on a five-day remand and are being interrogated.

Meanwhile, during investigation police have come to know the brothers have four groups to run their vast empire. While first group, primarily consisting entry level youths was operating their sand mining and transport business, the second group was engaged in extortion and tender fixing activities. The number of youth in these groups was somewhere around 300 and 100, respectively, sources said.

Sources added, the 30-member third group of D-Brothers was the most reliable gang. The brothers engage members of the group in activities like kidnap, murder and encounter. Sources said, police are trying to trace this core group. The D-Brothers, to fulfil their political aspirations were putting members of fourth group in social activities. The number of this group which is close to 4,000 was the main political force behind the brother duo. They all are members of Cuttack City Youth Association.

To lure youths towards their groups, the brothers were offering bike, cash and gold chain upon their joining.

Father demands death penalty for D-Brothers

With police confirming the murder of Dipu by the brother duo, father of the former has demanded capital punishment for the culprits.

“I demand justice. Those who have killed my son, should be awarded capital punishment. Not only me, there are many victims of D-Brothers’ crime, but they are scared to open up before the police fearing fatal consequences,” Dipu’s father Adwait Mallick said.

“I will fight for justice,” a visibly inconsolable Adwait said.