Cong’s two functions on same day creates confusion

Bhubaneswar: Former OPCC chief and senior Congress leader Niranjan Patnaik on Tuesday suggested the PCC Coordination Committee to hold two functions of the party’s state unit at one place on February 2 to avoid confusion.

Patnaik asked the coordination committee to organise the ‘Yuva Garjan Samavesh’ and celebration of 10 years of MGNREGA programme, as directed by the AICC, at one venue on February 2.

He said, “Keeping the respect and interest of Congress in view, both the functions should be held at one place. I don’t know whether anyone’s personal interest will be fulfilled or not, but the Congress will be benefitted the most.”

The ‘Garjan Samavesh’ is scheduled to be held at the PMG square in Bhubaneswar.

PCC Coordination Committee member Lalatendu Bidyadhara Mohapatra stated, “As the date of the samavesh was changed once and scheduled for February 2, it is less probable that the function will be rescheduled again.”

Mohapatra said the Akhil Bharatiya Yuva Congress president has confirmed the date of the ‘Garjan Samavesh’, adding that he does not have any idea about the other programme falling on the same day.

Meanwhile, OPCC chief Prasad Harichandan declined to comment about the contour or venue of the MGNREGA’s 10-year celebration progarmme.

The party’s chief spokesperson Ganeshwar Behera said, “Congress has plans to organise both the functions at one venue and the party is united.”