Cong demands high-level impartial probe into Ashram row

Bhubaneswar: Holding the Odisha government responsible for protecting self-proclaimed godmen in the State, the Odisha Congress today demanded a high-level impartial probe into the Trahi Achyuta Ashram controversy.

“We demand a high-level and impartial probe into the Ashram and strict action must be taken against the culprits,” Odisha Congress president Prasad Harichandan said.

“A lot of allegations starting from sexual assault and harbouring criminals to murder against the Baba have come to fore. Now it is the role of the government to keep a strict eye on this type of ashrams in the State,” Harichandan stated.

“Besides, the government must release a white paper on the activities of all Ashrams and mutts from where allegations of social misconduct are being reported,” he said adding it must declare about the movable and immovable properties, savings, income sources, investment, of all such so called religious units.