‘Coconut production in Odisha, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu increasing’

Kochi: Coconut production in Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Karnataka is showing a decline, while it is increasing in Tamil Nadu, Odisha, West Bengal and Maharashtra, according to a statistical survey by the Coconut Development Board (CDB), it was announced today.

In a press release issued here, the CDB said its survey for the concurrent estimation of production and productivity of coconut in major growing states for 2014-15, said production in major coconut growing states in India is showing a decrease of 10 percent over the 2013-14.

The estimated coconut production in Kerala for 2014-15 showed a decrease of 17.48 percent over 2013-14.

The production was 5,921 million nuts during 2013-14 but estimated to be down to 4,886 million nuts during 2014-15.

Shortage of rain, pest and disease are the causes reported for decline in production in Kerala.

The production estimate for Tamil Nadu with respect to 2014-15 shows a slight increase of 3.90 percent compared to 2013-14.

The production of 4,668 million nuts reported in 2013-14 has increased to 4,850 million nuts in 2014-15.

In Karnataka, production declined from 4,337 million nuts to 4,126 million nuts while in Andhra Pradesh it declined to 781 million nuts.

The decline is reported to be the after effect of two cyclonic storms that lashed in Andhra coast in the past two years.

But Odisha showed an increase of 19.75 percent to touch 491 million nuts, while in West Bengal, the estimated production for 2014-15 as per the survey also showed an increase of 11.34 per ent to reach 442 million nuts.

In Maharashtra, the estimated production for 2014-15 showed an increase of 15.85 percent to touch 187 million nuts.