Child locked-up: Kid to be at grandpa’s house

Bhubaneswar: Two days after the rescue of a four-year-old girl child from a locked room of a house in Kalarahanga area of Bhubaneswar by the members of the Ruchika Childline, the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) on Wednesday said the parents have agreed to keep their daughter at the house of her paternal grandfather and grandmother at Balasore.

Informing the media persons here, the CWC members said as per the decision, the father has decided to resign from his job and take care of his daughter.

“The parents of the girl child have informed the CWC that they would file an affidavit on the safe custody and other arrangements for their daugher. We will hand over the child to her parents after examining all arrangements made for the child”, they added.

Notably, the CWC on Tuesday had refused to handover the girl child to its parents and asked them to ensure it about the safety and security of the child who was reportedly being treated in an ‘inhuman’ way since last six months.

The committee had also asked the parents toarrange security of the child and submit a written proposal.
“If the CWC is satisfied with the proposal then it may handover the child to its parents,” said a member of the Committee.

The Committee had also lodged a complaint against the mother at the Mancheswar police station here stating that injustice has been meted out to the girl child as she has not been given proper care and security.