Chaupata of Goddess Subhadra ‘daru’ in progress after axing

Jagatsinghpur: The Chaupata ritual for the ‘Daru’ or the holy Neem tree identified for the new idol of Goddess Subhadra at Adhanga village in Jagatsinghpur, is in progress after the axing of the tree. To witness the religious practice, thousands of devotees continue to throng the site. After the completion of the Chaupata ritual, the wood logs from the axed tree will be wrapped in special cloth and will be transported in a specifically constructed wooden cart.

Meanwhile, the cart carrying the logs for the new idol of Balabhadra reached Teishpur yesterday and will resume its journey towards Puri today evening. Long queues of devotees waiting for a glimpse of the daru are being witnessed on the route of the cart.

At Kharipadia in Ragunathpur area of Jagatsinghpur district unprecedented number of devotees are turning up to offer worship and take a glimpse of the neem tree or daru identified for the new idol of lord Jagannath. All preparations are on at Kharapadia for the Maha Yajna ahead of the axing of the tree.