Chariot construction: Painters give finishing touch

Bhubaneswar: With only one day to go for the world famous Rath Yatra of the deities, painters are busy giving finishing touches to the surrounding idols of the three chariots.

At present, traditional painters are busy colouring wooden sculptures of various deities whose presence is a must on the chariots.

Before most of the portions of the chariots are ready, the painters keep themselves busy in bringing alive the wooden sculptures of minor deities fixed alongside the chariots, known as parswa devatas. These are wooden idols that are not changed every year unlike the chariot itself that is constructed anew every year. But this year, after a gap of 19 years these idols have been replaced with new ones as the Trinity itself has taken a new avatar.

Since the Netra Utsav ritual of the lords will be conducted tomorrow, the priests are busy preparing all the sringars of the deities.

Sri Jagannth Temple Administration (SJTA) officials said the three chariots will be brought in front of the Lions Gate of the temple tomorrow and the ropes will be fixed. While pahandi of the deities will be done at around 10 am, chherapanhara will be conducted at 2pm. The chariots will be pulled at 3 pm.