Central Health team visits Sambalpur

Sambalpur: A three-member Central health team today visited Sambalpur to find out the cause behind the outbreak of jaundice in the city, which has so far claimed at least 17 lives and taken an epidemic form.

So far 1921 persons have been infected by jaundice in Sambalpur.

The Central team included Dr P Verma, Dr Vidya Arankalle and Dr Manju. They met the District Collector, Balwant Singh, Deputy Director of Health department, Bikash Patnaik and the Chief District Medical Officer, Jagatkrushna Samant Ray during the visit and discussed about the jaundice situation here.

They also gathered information about the jaundice outbreak. They also visited the water treatment plant of the city.

“Contamination of water is the reason behind the disease. We will collect the water sample for test,” said team member, Dr. Vidya. She also said that they would submit a report on the outbreak of the disease to the state government tomorrow. Moreover, she also said that they would study the past cases of the Hepatitis-A and Hepatitis-E in Sambalpur.

The team stressed on safe drinking water and personal hygiene besides steps to curb the open defecation. “Precaution is important to combat the jaundice as there is no antiviral treatment for the disease. The outbreak of jaundice is seen at those places, which are polluted,” said Dr Vidya.

“The measures being undertaken to combat the jaundice here, are satisfactory. However, it will take time for the improvement in the jaundice situation here as the incubation period of the disease very long,” she said.

The team also stressed on the early implementation of the announcement, which have been made by state the government to improve the sanitary condition and for safe drinking water.

Odisha Chief Minister, Naveen Patnaik, who had come to Sambalpur to review the measures undertaken to contain the jaundice on 24th of this month, had announced Rs 100 crore for the replacement and the overhauling of the water supply distribution network for safe drinking water for the residents of the city.

Moreover, Patnaik also announced Rs 60 crore for the renovation of the Dhobijor Nullaha, Tangna Nullha and Haradjor, which are responsible for the carrying the sewage of the city. He also announced about the modern underground sewerage project, which includes a sewage treatment plant, to improve the cleanliness of the city.

Similarly, the Patnaik had also announced about 50 community toilets for Sambalpur during the visit.