Caught on camera: Govt officials collecting bribe

Bhubaneswar: Soliciting bribe in closed-door is a common phenomenon. But think about government officials accepting bribes openly in the presence of about a hundred villagers.

The incident took place in Kakatpur region of Puri district. The revenue inspector (RI) of the region was caught on camera while accepting bribes to disburse the compensation cheques to 88 flood affected beetle vine growers of the area. Two other junior officials were also seen along with him collecting the money from the poor farmers who had come to collect their cheques.

When the officials came to know about their act already caught on camera, they started returning the collected money to the farmers.

When asked about the incident, the RI, Benudhar Das preferred to keep mum.
However collector, Puri Arvind Agrawal has said stern action will be taken against the erring officials.