Carbine seized from D-brothers made at Indian Ordnance Factory

Bhubaneswar: Putting all speculations to rest about the source of the carbines seized from the possession of gangster Dhalasamanta brothers, the Commissionerate police on Tuesday asserted that the sophisticated weapons were manufactured at Indian Ordnance Factory in Kolkata.

Confirming this, police commissioner YB Khurania said, “Forensic tests revealed that the weapons were manufactured at Indian Ordnance Factory, Kolkata. We will send a team to Kolkata to investigate further.”

Official sources said the investigating team will prepare a detailed report on the carbines seized and how they landed in Dhalsamant brothers’ hands.

Prior to the forensic report, police believed the weapons seized from the Cuttack residence of the criminal brothers were procured from Uttar Pradesh don Raja Bhaiya alias Raghuraj Pratap Singh, since they had admitted to their links with the goon during interrogation. The sophisticated assault machine gun was believed to have been obtained from Indian Ordnance Factory in Kanpur.

“We will soon get to know all the details about the carbine,” Khurania stated.

In a related development, former Councillor of Rourkela Ashesa Mohanty alias Bulu, who was detained by the Commissionerate police, on Tuesday, revealed his relationship with Dhalasamant brothers during interrogation at Chauliagnaj police station in Cuttac today.

Mohanty said he had come in contact with Sushant Dhalasamant when both were lodged in Rourkela jail in different criminal cases. Later, he was introduced to Sushil, who assisted the former councillor to acquire a tender from Rural Development department, police said.